One Man Painting 5500 Shelter Dogs; Using Art For Social Change

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We’re creating the first memorial museum of its kind in the world, designed to illuminate, educate and lift our animal welfare consciousness to new heights.

This Museum will allow us to build a stable, forever fund, that will distribute 100% of your donations towards the salvation of shelter animals only. Too many of today’s large animal charities, are using your donations for animal rights issues and extreme ideologies; resulting in the abandonment & death of our shelter animals.

Billions of our tax dollars are being used to operate kill shelters and pay the salaries of the people perpetuating it, when it could be used to operate no kill shelters, applying the successful no-kill equation.

Our charity is committed to the immediate salvation of all healthy and adoptable animals and will be the only fund in America, giving 100% to support to shelter reform, rescues, fosters, rehabilitation centers, groups fighting BSL , and all other organizations, who rise up with us to create a no-kill nation.

The no-kill opposition will feel that their whole identity is being jeopardized by this social change, with the natural reaction to lash out in defensive fury. But for all their lamentations, the revolution has already taken place.

Mission: We the Ambassadors,  Mark Barone and Marina Dervan,  have created ‘An Act of Dog’ (A Non-Profit 501c3), for the sole purpose of protecting the lives of our beloved companions, by ensuring that all of America’s shelters adopt the proven and successful lifesaving model… The No-Kill Equation

Mark Barone (Chicago native) an established and successful artist for over 30 years, is painting all of the 5500 Dogs, and upon completion, will partner with a city or philanthropist and house them permanently, building a compassionate forever fund for the shelters in need.

(Mark has already painted over 3,500 Portraits of Shelter Dogs).

Using art for social change, we will raise $20+ million dollars, donating 100% to no-kill shelters, rescue/foster groups, towards medical needs, spay and neuter costs, rehabilitation programs, and the very important pro-active Marketing campaigns.

Even though we have chosen to paint dogs, our goal is that all of our companion animals in shelters will be saved.

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Mark Barone, a Chicago Native, from an Italian family, has been moved by many things in his life, but his three passions are Art, Music, and Dogs. He has owned dogs for the last 20 years and can honestly say the hardest times in his life were the loss of his two companions Rudy and Santina. Mark took both of these dogs in 20 years ago, after finding them abandoned. He lost Santina, three years ago; and she was over 21 years old when she died. Mark has been a successful artist for over 30 years, has received many grants for artistic excellence, and accepted in over 100 National and Regional shows, claiming many of the top honors. His work has appeared in Art Calendar Magazine, Art in America, Sculptural Pursuit Magazine, and Preservation Magazine. Mark has also had many solo exhibitions throughout the country, with much of his work hanging in private and corporate collections throughout the world. He has been a Consultant for Cities across America, helping them use the Arts to revitalize blighted Neighborhoods, and is revered for his successful creation and implementation of the Paducah Artist Relocation program in Kentucky.

Marina Dervan, an English Native, from an Irish family, has spent her entire career committed to finding compassionate solutions to “people problems,” and has now turned her attention to animals. She has loved and cared for many rescued animals over the past 30years and is passionate about their well-being. Marina’s intent is to provoke enough media and community attention, so that we do not become silent about things that matter, and instead,  come together in pursuit of a No-Kill-Nation. Marina has joined forces with Mark Barone, using the powerful medium of art for social change. She believes that with American’s collectively stipulating shelter reform and community engagement in both adopting and fostering , it will ensure that all healthy an adoptable animals are saved.

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