Dictionary Meaning For Perjury:
per·ju·ry Noun
perjuries plural
The offense of wilfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation. Lying in court or a given statement, whether in your own case or in someone else’s case in which you are a witness, is called perjury. In most cases perjury is an indictable offence and can result in a sentence of up to 7 years imprisonment.
Source: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/nisi/1979/1714
It isn’t often that people who stand up in court to give evidence, who swear on the bible to give the truth and nothing but the truth are or can be proven to be lying and actually committing a criminal offence known quite simply as perjury. Today in this article using court room statements and pictures taken of Lennox whilst in the so called care of Belfast City Council you will see fact based evidence that Belfast City Council dog wardens involved in the seizure of Lennox committed perjury in Lennox’s previous court hearing and how a Belfast City Council dog warden blatantly lied to the court and district Judge Ken Nixon. You will see pictures that prove what one particular dog warden said in court under oath does not tally with what the picture evidence shows and proves how the dog wardens involved in Lennox’s seizure gave false accounts of Lennox’s behaviour and continue to do so.
A Belfast City Council dog warden who headed the seizure of Lennox from his home particularly told the court under oath that she believes Lennox is aggressive and how she is afraid of him, how she cannot control him and how she is “frightened” for her own safety and refuses to get near Lennox or go into the same vicinity as him due to his aggression all whilst knowing that she was openly lying about Lennox’s behaviour, state of mind and her involvement with Lennox. Why have these Belfast City Council dog wardens told these lies? one can only assume that Belfast City Council do not want to lose another high profile case which is why their case has redirected from Lennox’s breed to now being about his behaviour. Another possible reason for dog wardens giving false evidence to the court may be due to the fact that they may be afraid of losing their jobs by giving accurate and truthful fact, either way it is very clear as many people around the world have pointed out previously that Belfast City Council will stop at nothing to secure a win in their case against Lennox’s registered owner and worst of all seal Lennox’s fate, ultimately his death.
The pictures below have been censored to hide the dog warden’s identity. Many people who attended the last court hearing will have heard this warden give evidence about seizing Lennox from his home and will already know that the warden in the below pictures is the same warden who stood in court, took oath and told the court how she was frightened of Lennox, found him aggressive, didn’t like to be around him or in the vicinity of him and could not handle him, as you can see below none of what this warden said under oath about Lennox’s mental state or behaviour is representative of the pictures. You will also notice in the pictures evidence that Lennox has been made to be very overweight, is this for the Judges benefit so that the Belfast City Council can portray a more menacing bigger dog? Obviously Belfast City Council are unaware that making a dog overweight is also a form of cruelty and just as evil as starving a dog.
Should this Belfast City Council dog warden be charged by the courts for giving false evidence? Should this dog warden be removed from her position within Belfast City Council? You decide after looking at the pictures below.
Lennox Licking Dog Warden, Note Dog Warden Laughing Whilst She Strokes Lennox’s Head.
Dog Warden Stroking Lennox’s Face Whilst Moving Her Face Close To His To Speak To Him, Note Lennox Resting His Paw On Her Knee.
Dog Warden Smiles While Lennox Sits And Gives His Paw To Dog Warden.
Dog Warden Scratches Lennox’s Head Whilst He Stands By Her Feet.
Lennox Clearly Seen To Be Overweight. Note Lennox Sitting With His Back To Dog Warden, Between Her Legs And Being Stroked On The Top Of His Head By Dog Warden.
Lennox Kissing Dog Warden
Lennox Being Taken From Belfast City Council Dog Warden Van
Lennox Clearly Overweight And Sitting Without Problem At The Dog Warden’s Feet
Lets not forget this dog warden shown in the pictures above gave evidence in court under oath stating that Lennox is aggressive, uncontrollable and she is afraid of him. The pictures raise the obvious questions, does this dog warden look at all afraid of Lennox? Does this dog warden look to be afraid of being in the same vicinity as Lennox? Does this dog warden look like she cannot control Lennox? Does Lennox show any signs of aggression toward this dog warden? Everyone can see that Lennox is willing to please and show love toward this warden and for this same warden to stand in court and claim under oath that she is afraid of Lennox is a disgrace to the dog warden service, the Belfast City Council for employing such an untrustworthy person and to the warden herself. The warden can clearly be seen in the picture placing her face up close to Lennox’s face which is not something a normal person would do if they claim they are afraid of a certain dog or claim it is aggressive and they cannot enter the same vicinity as such dog.
The camera never lies and here you have fact based evidence that this dog warden employed by Belfast City Council knowingly committed an act of perjury. If Northern Ireland has any type of justice then this is an act that should not go unpunished by the Northern Ireland courts legal system, furthermore Belfast City Council should immediately remove this warden from her duties unless of course they knew of her act of perjury and they to are willing to watch a little girl’s innocent pet dog be put to death for no reason at all. There’s nothing further to say about this as its very clear cut given the picture evidence and witness statement given to the court by this very dog warden. Many people following Lennox’s story will remember Belfast City Council’s statement after the last Lennox court hearing when a spokesperson from Belfast City Council told media sources “We are only doing our job” so a final word in response to that Council statement… When did perjury become part of a dog warden and Council employee’s job description?


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The Daily Mirror Article – 13th September 2011

Should Belfast City Council Remove The Warden Who Lied Under Oath?

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15 Responses to An Act Of Perjury By Belfast City Council Dog Wardens?

  1. gloriaNo Gravatar says:

    oh god what have they done??
    i can hardly believe my eyes, you never know who is watching and where the camera is pointed ,,,,,bring this innocent dog home,

  2. gloriaNo Gravatar says:

    ach look at lennox kissin her,, big pet,he looks a big softie .so glad to see how nice he is, he clearly likes this lady and she looks as though she is fond of him,she is very comfortable with him and visa versa, she is givin him a wee tug ont he cheek and he clearly responds to her, nice to see he had a lady to look after him.she is the dog warden. right? i remember her from court.

  3. sbellueNo Gravatar says:

    I have signed the petition, I have shared, I continue to spread the word of the horrible deeds of the council through FB and with people outside FB as well. Please tell me what else I can do to help bring down the council and bring your beautiful baby boy Lennox home to you. I am desperate to help you. I can’t imagine my life w/o my furr-babies and I don’t want you to have to imagine your w/o Lennox either.

  4. sbellueNo Gravatar says:

    Sorry, I meant “…I don’t want you to have to imagine your life w/o Lennox either.”

  5. Ive just cried looking at these photos!! Look at him the big softie xx Love and hugs to Lennox and his family xx

  6. KayNo Gravatar says:

    Also, if Lennox was so very aggressive and scary, shouldn’t they have put a muzzle on him if it were true? Surely, if it were true (which it blatantly isn’t) they were putting their own staff and the public at risk?

  7. If there is any justice at all then surely this shows that the evidence given by Belfast Council is flawed and indeed as perjury has been committed by this dog warden then no evidence given can be trusted. How can anyone be so evilas to lie about a family’s pet in this way, particularly when they are fully awate that this is the pet of a special needs child. I am truly distraught that so many public servants would behave in such an irresponsible, way. Indeed the photos of the conditions in which Lennox is being kept are in themselves irresponsible dog ‘ownership’ for which any private person would most likely be prosecuted. I just hope and pray that the appeal judge will bring some common sense and justice to this sorry state of affairs. What is there to gain from killing a family’s pet who has never harmed a soul? What is to gain from bringing sense and compassion to bear and sending Lennox back home where he belongs?
    90% of labrador retrievers fit the magic set of measurements……

    Lennox was in a responsible home with no history of any aggression…..it is just mad….so sad and totally mad.

  8. TinaMitchellNo Gravatar says:

    Shame on Belfast that he has been held this long. They could do themselves a lot of good by letting him home NOW. I have shared, shared, written to my MP and signed your petition to bring him home. The original petition, I signed back in the early days – I can’t believe they had kept an innocent dog for this long and in the conditions he is in. I will keep sharing every day until the court date when I will be with you in spirit and checking on Facebook every few minutes praying for good news. Good luck to you and your legal team – if there is any justice at all, Lennox will be back with you on Friday evening.

  9. susanhochNo Gravatar says:


  10. Just got this reply from my MP Keith Simpson (Conservative MP Norfolk UK)

    Thank you for your email. I have contacted Belfast Council concerning the Appeal to save Lennox and will of course be in touch with you once I hear further.

    Keith Simpson MP

  11. THE BCC SUCK says:

    no doubt bcc being the corrupt racket they are with awfully untrustworthy employees will put out some mental story out in the next few days claiming lenox has now eaten one of them, or theyll claim then been attacked again, broken record! or maybe that ex met self acclaimed dog expert ***** ******* who started the met police as a pc and after 30 somewhat years left a pc will claim some weird crap to the press now, strange that, how do you begin a career with met police as a pc and end a career as a pc? did someone do something bad and get looked over for promotion *****??? naughty naughty. best thing about this ******* guy is that no one in the dog industry value his training tactics or the gobble he spouts out and only bcc would be stupid enough to pay him huge amounts of cash for him to talk crap and tell lies, his own ex met colleagues cant even stand him and people on his training courses have reported witnessing him being cruel to dogs for not doing as he demanded, standing on one dogs neck was one thing people said, crawl under a botle geezer your done. as for bcc you can read them like a book now. have heard the bcc racket has more family members within than a new york mafia family has!!! food for thought.

    This Message Has Been Edited By The Site Webmaster. Please Ensure You Have Read & Fully Understand This Sites Posting Policy Before Posting Comments. Thank You.

  12. chrishirstNo Gravatar says:

    Disgraceful. Given this evidence I fully expect Lennox to be released on Friday. I guess it’s the police and the Crown Prosecution Service who will decide whether to bring a prosecution against her for perjury. However, I would expect them to decline through “lack of evidence”. In which case, would the Campaign be willing to set up a “chip-in” to bring a private prosecution? I’m sure there are solicitors and/or Barristers out there who would do it either pro-bono or at a reduced cost.

  13. murphysmimNo Gravatar says:

    Shes got away with it up to now but every bodys watching her now..If Lennox is PTS she will not be able to walk those streets ever again.shes to well known.and will have blood on her hands.

  14. amanda1978No Gravatar says:

    Two Words ABSOLUTE DISCRACE ! What in gods name is she doing ! if you are going to make accusations, dont let people take photos of you ! something is deffinatly not quite right here.
    is she being bribed or even threatened with her job to say what the council want her to say ! if not and she is doing this out of pure spite then she will need to watch her back , people will be after her for what she has done.
    i hope to god that true justice is done and Lennox is saved, he is such a beautiful dog.

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