On April 1st Join Us As We Remember Lennox On His 9th Birthday & All Those Past & Present Affected By Breed Specific Legislation. Help Us Spread The Word About Lennox’s 9th Birthday Campaign called, #EachOneReachOne Aimed At Informing Others About Breed Specific Legislation.

To mark another birthday without Lennox we ask you to reach out and tell someone about Breed Specific Legislation as there are still so many still unaware about BSL and too many innocent dogs are losing their lives. Just like Lennox, these dogs are much loved family pets who have never harmed anyone or anything, their only crime was simply being born looking a certain way.
BSL is wrong, BSL tears families apart, the only way to fight it is to stand together and protest that enough is enough! We demand education not eradication, we demand deed not breed!
The more people educated about responsible dog ownership and BSL the many more lives can be saved.

On April 1st 2014 at 21.00 (9pm) UK time and 16.00 (4pm) EDT join the Lennox campaign for a special Twitter tweetstorm. Here are some ideas of how you can show your support and help spread the word about Lennox’s 9th birthday campaign #EachOneReachOne.

Turn your twitter avatar/profile picture black for 24hrs on April 1st, alternatively you may copy and use the Lennox campaign memorial ribbon avatar/profile picture from this Facebook page or from the @OfficialLennox twitter account.

Change your Facebook timeline picture for 24hrs by copying and using the Lennox 9th birthday memorial timeline cover from this Facebook page.

Update your own Facebook status with Lennox’s story for 24hrs.

Print out an anti BSL leaflet or download The Lennox Campaign anti BSL flyer (What You Need To Know About BSL) from the official Lennox campaign Facebook page and pass them out in the street or park, ask a shop owner or pet store if you may pin one to a notice board or if you may leave a bundle with them.

We can all help educate others who may not be aware of BSL if each of us reach out and tell one other person, Each One,Reach One.

Lennox will never be forgotten because his spirit lives on in the hearts of his family and in the hearts of millions around the globe who fought for him. Lennox will be forever with us as he is with YOU every time you help others, rescue, adopt, shelter, speak out against cruelty and campaign for the abolishment of BSL. YOU are his legacy, YOU keep his spirit alive, YOU help continue what Lennox could sadly only achieve in death, YOU are Lennox’s Army!
Continue campaigning for truth, continue to speak out and NEVER allow your voices to be silenced no matter how hard it may get… Never give up!

Thank You All. X

Twitter Hashtags:

#EachOneReachOne #EndBSL