Northern Ireland Government Minister Sammy Wilson last week hit out at the Belfast City Council for their treatment of innocent Lennox and the treatment the family have been subjected to by the council. In his Belfast Newsletter column Mr Wilson said in relation to Lennox’s seizure by Belfast City Council;

“Is this just another manifestation of the direction public authorities are moving? Go for easy targets because that is the way to make statistics look impressive.”

Mr Wilson continued in his column saying;

“Dog wardens go after responsible dog owners whilst the real doggy terrors are untouched.”

Whilst the majority of Belfast Councillors acted in response to a previous internal council email sent by Health & Enviromental Chief Executives requesting them not to speak to anyone representing the Save Lennox Campaign or the owner of Lennox it is good to know that there is at least one Government Minister who has a backbone, doesn’t take orders from those beneath him and who will speak out for what he believes in and for what he clearly see’s as a council wrong doing.

Sammy Wilson has gained much respect from thousands of Lennox supporters since his article and on one Save Lennox Facebook posting alone Mr Wilson received well over 100 thank you messages within 7 minutes of the post going live. What makes Mr Wilson’s support further welcomed was the fact that Lennox’s owner is not one of Mr Wilson’s constituents and so Sammy Wilson has nothing to gain himself for speaking out and giving his support to Lennox’s family, he simply spoke out about a council’s wrong doing when others should have done so long ago.

After speaking with Lennox’s owner directly about Mr Wilson’s article, the Save Lennox Campaign Blog was asked to highlight and pass on a thank you to Mr Wilson for taking the time to help, showing his support and for giving five minutes of his time to listen to the owners concerns whilst other MP’s and Councillors choose to shy away from getting involved. Well done Mr Wilson!

Sammy Wilson MP - Belfast Newsletter

Sammy Wilson MP - Belfast Newsletter


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7 Responses to Sammy Wilson MP Gives His Support For Lennox

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  2. The seisure of Lennox is absolutely outrageous.

    Every decade has targetted a dog breed to hate … german shepheds, dobermans, rottweillers, and now pit bulls. ALL dog behaviour is a reflection of behaviour taught them by their irresponsible owners. The City Council is holding on to an archaic view held over from a less enlightened era.

    Charles Darwin once stated that: “The love of all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man”.

    Belfast City Council should prove that it is in fact NOBEL and let this poor creature return to his loving home. This has gone on waaaaaaaaaaaaay to long!


    The world is watching.

    Patricia Rice
    Wasaga Beach, ON, CANADA

    Mr. Wilson is very couageous to speak up on behalf of this helpless creature.

  3. we still need MORE support for this family before Dec 7th – deadline day

  4. Punish the deed not the breed is how the saying goes.
    These councillors are nothing less than murderers.
    How did the picture of Lennox in his “cell” get out ? someone took it so must know where he is.
    Please inform the RSPCA as this poor dog has been kept in inhumane conditions and the council must be prosecuted under the Animal Welfare Act.
    Name and shame, come on RSPCA show you have backbone and act NOW.
    This website gives whole hearted support to the family and would like to say a big well done to Sammy Wilson, a man with heart and real integrity sadly lacking in many of our politicians today.

  5. yvonne hobbsNo Gravatar says:

    have you contacted Roger Mugford, he is an animal behaviourist, and identifies dog breeds, my niece had a dog taken a while ago, she lives in Brighton area, Roger Mugford checked her dog did tests etc, and was released eventually, not sure where her dog was kennelled (if you can call it that) hosed down with cold water when the housing quarters were cleaned. SO PLEASE CONTACT ROGER MUGFORD ASAP, IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY? GOOD LUCK

  6. Ask JUSTICE FOR DOGS if they know an expert in the American Bulldog breed or a specialist solicitor close to you who may be able to help you. Sammy Wilson if I lived in your constituency I would vote for a man with moral courage, well done sir and long may you continue to speak out in support of this family and poor dog.

  7. TrinityNo Gravatar says:

    I have emailed Cesar Milan and here is what I got in reply
    Hello Agnieszka,

    Cesar is aware of the case with Lennox and has expressed his opinion.

    You may read it here:

    Thank you for reaching out to the Millan Foundation and for your compassion towards animals.


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