Jingle Bells For Lennox Video With Thanks To J. Tyrrell

Once again Christmas and a new year is upon us, a time of year when Family gather together to laugh, to enjoy each other’s company, to give thanks to our creator, a time to reflect on the years highs and lows and a time to cherish those you love dearly, however for one Family and a little girl in particular once again another Christmas will come and again pass without the company of one much loved Family member. This Christmas the Save Lennox Campaign, DDA Watch and campaigners from around the globe ask everyone to help spread the word of Lennox and many others like him who spend another Christmas locked up, segregated from other dogs, locked away from what they know without visitation from Family and held in tiny cramped conditions awaiting a death penalty for no crime.

We kindly ask everyone who has followed Lennox’s plight to stop for a moment over the Christmas period and consider what it would be like for you or someone you know to have their best Friend ripped away from them, to never get a chance to say goodbye, to never get a chance to wrap your arms around those you love one last time or to look longingly into their eyes and tell them how much you love them, to have the play time and fun times halted then consider being a little eleven year old child with your own health complications and imagine how you would feel, how you would cope if your companion, your best Friend was suddenly taken from you without warning, without reason because in May 2010 this is exactly what happened to Brooke and now almost two years later Lennox and Brooke have still not been reunited, not seen each other and have had all visitation requests denied by Belfast City Council and the council dog control manager. Lennox is still in the so called care of Belfast City Council and will remain there until his slow painful death by lethal injection unless we all take a stand now. Everyone has a role to play before it’s your dog or another breed of dog that’s singled out in a witch hunt simply for looking a certain way or because they measure up to a pathetic scale of measurements illegally used by those who pimp themselves out to government bodies and councils, who have little or no training or knowledge of dog behaviour or their mental well being or characteristics, who take ridiculously vast amounts of tax payers money as a fee and stand before a court acting on behalf of prosecution simply to point the finger and condemn an innocent loved Family pet to death because it’s an easy lucrative earner.

Don’t be that person who tells themselves “why bother I can’t make a difference because there is already so many hundreds of thousands already speaking out against such injustices,” don’t be that person who feels that your voice can’t be heard because already hundreds of thousands are shouting, be that person who shouts louder, protests harder and help stop this insane cruelty, if we all shout louder, protest longer then they will have to hear us, they will have to listen and they will have to act.

Over the Christmas and New Year holidays we ask that you please take a few moments out of your own Family time, pause for a minute, close your eyes and put yourself in the shoes of a little girl who wants only one wish granted this Christmas, reflect for a moment, breathe deeply, know you can make a difference, exhale then take the first step in standing with us. Here’s how you can help Lennox, Brooke and many other victims of BSL.

Change your Twitter and Facebook profile pictures to the Save Lennox logo for the length of the holiday period and then send a Tweet, Facebook message or email to someone who may not have heard about Lennox or the many others like him who have fallen victim to the evil draconian law known as Breed Specific Legislation. You have now taken a stand against BSL. Feels good knowing your now part of something that’s growing globally, something that can’t and won’t be stopped, knowing you have done your bit? You’ve been intrigued, your now curious otherwise you wouldn’t still be here or have read this far nor would you be on this website at all, you have come so far and done so much already so why stop now?

If you feel strongly enough about this and feel that Lennox and others like him have suffered long enough and you feel good about the first few steps you’ve just taken then continue to campaign with us, don’t give up now! Here’s more that you can do. On Facebook edit your name to include the words “SaveLennox” or “EndBSL” either between your first name and surname or at the end of your full name, you may have already noticed on Facebook that many people have already kindly shown their support and done this. Post a message into forums, online chat groups, websites and other social networking sites with an aim to spread the word about Lennox and other BSL victims. Contact your local MP, send a gift to your local animal shelter or rescue group with a message attached about Lennox or label it from Lennox End BSL, send Belfast City Council a Christmas card calling for Lennox’s freedom, contact your local newspaper and inform them about Lennox, download and print off the Save Lennox Campaign flyer from this website and paste it to a window, a car window, local shop window advertising board, hand it out at an event, pass it out to Friends, Family or a neighbour. Take time to various websites and educate yourself regarding responsible dog ownership and BSL then help educate others who may not have heard about Lennox or BSL, take time to highlight and explain how innocent dogs are being cruelly taken from their loving Family homes each and every day of the year by councils, Police and other government departments and held for many years in confined concrete cells before being sentenced to death for no reason other than how they look.

Please send your Lennox Christmas card messages of support to:

Belfast City Council,
Chief Executive’s Department,
City Hall,
BT1 5GS.

By participating in this campaign you have now become one of Lennox’s Army who fight not only for Lennox but many other innocent loved pets taken from their Family, you join many celebrities and Hollywood stars who have also spoken out for Lennox calling for his immediate release from Belfast City Council kennels, you stand with many others globally who campaign each and every day for the abolishment of BSL and for stricter penalties for those who treat animals cruelly. This Christmas please also spare a thought for the many little souls who have already been sent to rainbow bridge due to Breed Specific Legislation.

To launch the Save Lennox Christmas Campaign animal rights campaigner and multi award winning singer/songwriter Maria Daines and music creating genius Paul Killington who wrote and performed the now famous “Lennox” song have again kindly written and performed their own version of a much loved seasonal cheer song dedicated to Lennox. The song titled “Jingle Bells For Lennox” again helps highlight the urgent need for a rethink concerning BSL and the actions taken by Belfast City Council during their wrongful seizure of Lennox from his loving Family home. The song can be previewed below using the mini player and can also be downloaded free of charge. Finally, thank you to all Lennox Friends, Supporters and Campaigners across the globe, you know who you all are! Have a very Merry Christmas & a BSL free New Year!


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  1. susanNo Gravatar says:

    Brilliant Video! Well done to all involved and praying Lennox is home soon END BSL xx

  2. gloriaNo Gravatar says:

    lennox. posting here cause thinking about u pet, and thinkin this time last year the only date in my head was dec hoping it would bring you home.here we are another year. god luv you pet, and i am very glad i got to hear about you and im still here but doing things my way.and that is proudly supporting you and using every opertunity i get to raise awareness and bring your name up in places where i see your captors, i will not stay away from those places i will go and you are formost in my mind, and ending bsl. luv you pet, could cry writing this cause god only knows what they are doing to you,they work in circles. good night luv hold your head up proud wee man as i do when i talk of ypu xxxx hopng you will see me and i will get to see you sometime pet, luv u and pray for you to go home to your family gloria hanna xxx

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