6 Responses to Lennox, Who Said Looks Were Not Important?

  1. Maria DainesNo Gravatar says:

    Excellent common sense editorial for an innocent family dog who is desperate to come home. Lennox has been taken into the hearts of the world. We need Lennox to be saved, stop this global heartbreak now, Belfast City Council please FREE LENNOX!!

  2. This is truly the saddest story that I have heard of. To think that a town would do something so atrocious to a dog and it’s family just because of the way he looks is unthinkable! It would be a different story if Lennox had actually commited a crime. If this picture of him sitting in this concrete box is true, then each and every person involved with his incarceration should be put in jail under the same filthy conditions and fined thousands of dollars! There is no justified excuse to have him living like this! The city of Belfast be on notice…the WORLD is watching this case and your reputation lies on doing the right thing. The right thing is to let Lennox go home!!!!!

  3. Sian MortonNo Gravatar says:

    This is what everybody wants to convey and most of us couldn’t. It is perfectly explaining how absolutely dreadful and archaic this law is. I hope with every fibre of my being that Lennox comes home but I for one will not stop fighting for change until no more dogs die or families are ripped apart just because of how their dogs look. I am proud to be a responsible dog owner and am more than happy to be held accountable for the actions of my dog. Target the right end of the leash. Please release Lennox back to his wonderful family and allow them to start the long road to recovery.

  4. sarahNo Gravatar says:

    very very well written

  5. IanNo Gravatar says:

    I must compliment you on a well written well presented argument, and one I wholeheartedly support, but I must point out one area you missed that has great bearing on the way BSL is used by the authorities

    The term Pit Bull Type, not to my mind a real fixed breed. well if one looks back again through history this type is without doubt a product of small imported English (and Irish ) Bull breeds, so to use your phrenology point, few if any of the small English bull breeds can fail to actually be PBT, when one works only on physical characteristics, Genes will out.

    So DNA?, I doubt that we are at the level yet where a definitive PBT can be identified.

    Papers? not a sure fire guarantee of anything. Looks? well here many dogs could fail the test.

    A deed not breed approach is the only fair and logical approach, Funny, but dog related crime is the only area I’m aware of where the evidence is destroyed by the authorities before any investigation takes place, we will not see “Abused dog kills owner in self defence” as a headline .

    What is really frustrating for me in the case of Lennox, is that it appears that the owners acted responsibly , doing all that society asked of them. So I’ll support Lennox, EVEN IF HE IS PBT by somebodies interpretation , because as a responsible rottweiler owner , the knock could be at my door one day.

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