The Lennox Campaign, Admin, friends and family wish to offer their deepest condolences to the Manseau family circle and friends following the untimely and deeply regretted death of Mrs Edith Manseau.

Some followers may already now be aware that Chum and Champ recently won temporary reprieve to return home until the next court hearing to be held December 6th 2012 which will decide their fate, however, sadly Mrs Manseau passed away before her two gentle giants were to make it home to her. Mrs Edith Manseau never got to see her two beautiful dogs freedom, she never got the chance to hold them one last time.

We wish the Manseau family the very best for the upcoming court hearing on December 6th and pray that Chum and Champ win their permanent and rightful freedom to return home to their family.

Deepest sympathy to the Manseau family.

Extract Taken From Animal Advocacy Project

Another repulsive story of two beautiful animals being seized and deemed “dangerous dogs”. Chum and Champ are Newfoundland dogs, a very docile breed and not known for any signs of aggression. The breed’s finest traits are its intelligence, loyalty and sweetness of character.

Chum and Champ, owned by an elderly Black Creek couple, Edith and Jacques Manseau, are being held at the Comox Valley SPCA. The family has not been allowed to see their beloved pets since they were seized 8 months ago. The family is continuing to fight for their pets return but are calling out for support.

These two beautiful dogs have been accused of attacking a neighbours dog however there are no witnesses to support such. Please watch both their assessment videos below and share their story online by cross posting on Facebook, posting on forums and websites and via Twitter.

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Time is running out for these pair of gentle giants. Chum and Champ’s fate will be decided on October 18th 2012. Show your support, ask Comox Valley Regional District to free Chum & Champ by emailing them at: