In July 2012 a murder took place in Belfast, a legal murder, but does that make it right? Lennox was a loving family pet sentenced to death just because the untrained Belfast City Council dog warden and court didn’t like the way he looked, as if this wasn’t bad enough his family were refused a final visit with the dog they had shared five years of their lives with even though Belfast City Council and their own legal team promised the family a final visit if they won their case against the family and won the right to murder Lennox, sadly this was one of many broken promises and lies that came from Belfast City Council and their legal team.

Although the family had been told by their solicitor that Lennox was going to be murdered in the coming days they didn’t expect Lennox’s life to be taken so soon and the family had hoped and prayed as many people did that there might have been a last minute dawning of sense on the council’s behalf and maybe a reprieve for innocent Lennox as the court had announced that Belfast City Council could indeed have realised Lennox and that the council had the final say but unfortunately reality kicked in and to many people’s disgust and anger Belfast City Council didn’t even find the decency to let the family know Lennox had been murdered on the morning of July 11th 2012 and instead the family found out about the heartbreaking news during an early morning telephone call from family friend and celebrity dog trainer Victoria Stilwell who had came to Belfast to offer her support and a home in the United States for Lennox. Victoria had just been told the very sad news of Lennox’s death while participating in the BBC Radio Ulster Wendy Austin show which Victoria had been invited to for interview regarding Lennox’s story. Victoria Stilwell was just one of many professionals and celebrities who campaigned tirelessly for Lennox’s freedom alongside the hundreds of thousands of Lennox supporters from around the globe, supporters who self titled themselves the ‘Lennox Army’.

Belfast City Council continue to refuse to return Lennox’s collar, lead and muzzle, why? The council did eventually send the family a box containing some of their beloved Lennox ashes, at least thats what Belfast City Council have tried to convince the family and global public is in the box but how does anyone know if the ashes are those of Lennox and not those of some other unfortunate dog murdered by Belfast City Council for looking a certain way or having a certain build? The Belfast City Council eventually sent a box of apparent ashes only after a month of public questions and media interest from around the globe enquiring as to why the council had continued to act so heartlessly and had not returned the ashes of Lennox to his family.

Since 11th July 2012, various rumours have circulated regarding how Lennox died, when he actually died and where. Many differing questions have been put to Belfast City Council but they have so far refused to answer any questions put to them and also refused or neglected their legal duties to reply to freedom of information (FOI) requests some of which remain unanswered dating back several months ago while some other freedom of information requests have been reported by the public to only now be receiving a reply almost four months later, why?

There will be some people out there who will say why not just let it go? well I ask those people, if Lennox had been your dog would you let it go? would you ever stop asking the questions that keep you awake at night? Any animal loving person or anyone who can see that a very serious wrong was carried out in this case whether an animal lover or not would say no chance and many of Lennox’s global supporters are indeed people who don’t own pets but can see clearly when a cover up and an injustice has been carried out. I ask you, if Belfast City Council are allowed to do this to an innocent dog who had done nothing wrong then where does it end? which breed will they ban next? when will you get that knock on your door?
Of course Belfast City Council aren’t the only council killing innocent dogs for how they look, what size they have grown to or what they might do, many councils, authorities and Police forces are also murdering innocent family dogs each and everyday all around the world however Belfast City Council are the only council to treat people and animals so badly that they have become the most famous council in the world for all the wrong reasons, Belfast City Council are the only council known to be covering up and trying to silence people through fear and threats of legal action, Belfast City Council are the only council who conveniently misplace a collar, lead and muzzle when it could possibly blow the door wide open regarding Lennox’s treatment whilst in the care of Belfast City Council’s contracted kennels and could also reveal Lennox’s actual date and cause of death all from DNA trapped within his collar. Was the fear of the truth being revealed from DNA sampling so great that Belfast City Council accidentally on purpose misplaced or even destroyed Lennox’s collar and other items? Belfast City Council had no order from court, no instructions from court and no legal right to withhold these items from Lennox’s family. Only once has Belfast City Council broken silence about the whereabouts of Lennox’s collar, lead and muzzle and that was when contacted by the family solicitor and asked for the items to be returned to the family, Belfast City Council replied to the family solicitor stating “the items were no longer in the council’s possession” yet offered no alternative explanation as to why they did not have these items or where they could be. Belfast City Council and their legal department have never given reply again when asked where Lennox’s collar, lead and muzzle are, never replied again when the family have openly asked for the return of these items which rightfully and legally belong to the family and the little girl who simply wants a keepsake of her murdered “bestest friend.” Either Belfast City Council have deliberately withheld these items which they have no legal right to or the council have destroyed these items and especially the collar for fear of the truth being revealed or on the other hand is it possible that Belfast City Council have a serious problem of theft within their workforce and council buildings? Whilst the council continue their secrecy and attempts to silence the family and mask the truth from the public we will continue asking, campaigning and fighting until the truth is revealed because truth always prevails!

There are too many unanswered questions in this case. Belfast City Council and Belfast court wouldn’t listen to any real and qualified dog experts who all stated Lennox was not dangerous and should be returned to his home and family yet the Judge took the word of one man who said Lennox was “unpredictable” yet this so called expert hired by the council is the only person who has ever claimed Lennox was unpredictable but then again isn’t every human and animal unpredictable when taken out of their secure surroundings for no reason and shoved into a cold cramp concrete prison? Should we all be killed for being unpredictable? surely the deed should be punished and not the animal because he may commit a deed in the future? should we round up and start murdering people because they might one day commit a crime? Lennox never hurt anyone or anything in his lifetime, Lennox had never been reported by anyone as being frightening or even for as much as a bark, Lennox didn’t even lash out or hurt anyone whilst caged in the councils own so called care when the very same council hired expert pulled Lennox by the neck with a catch pole from inside his concrete kennel. Why did the council expert state Lennox was unpredictable? because Lennox wouldn’t make eye contact with this large menacing man which proves that Lennox even under the hardest and cruellest of circumstances still chose to avoid confrontation due to fear of this strange man in strange surroundings that was alien to Lennox and away from everything and everyone that he had always known.

Lennox’s qualified professional experts all provided recorded video footage of their assessments with Lennox that showed Lennox relaxed, playful and at times weary of his alien surroundings, these experts also backed their video footage up with expert documentation and all stated Lennox was not dangerous and should be allowed to return home but yet again the judge took the word of the council’s non qualified expert that offered no video footage or reasonable argument to back his findings however ironically the Belfast City Council own expert that claimed Lennox was unpredictable showed his own form of unpredictability on the witness stand whilst giving evidence for his council employers, Peter Tallack suddenly boasted to the Judge that he could not continue giving his evidence as people in the court were looking at him, to this unexpected, unpredictable and grossly strange outburst the councils very own barrister even looked at Mr Tallack in shock of what he had just said to the judge.

Why didn’t the Belfast City Council allow the family to have a final visit with their dog even though that had been agreed and promised by the council and the council’s own barrister had clearly stated this on several occasions in front of many witnesses within the walls of Laganside courts? Why did Belfast City Council not allow the family their dogs body back for private burial, what was the council hiding? Was Lennox even alive up until the 11th July or are the rumours true that he was found dead in his Belfast City Council contracted kennel one cold morning months before? Why did Belfast City Council ignore the requests of Northern Ireland’s First Minister Peter Robinson, Belfast Lord Mayor Gavin Robinson and many other political figures who called on the council to look at the many other available options and offers put forward that could have saved Lennox from death? Alternative options were already setup and in place that would have seen Lennox live out the remainder of his life in the United States and would have been at no cost to the council or the public. Was Belfast City Council then hiding the fact that Lennox had already been murdered whilst in their care or were they hiding the disgusting cruel condition that Lennox was in including a neck injury, major fur loss and bleeding from the nail beds? Was Belfast City Council punishing Lennox’s family for speaking out or was Belfast City Council’s cruel actions and the Judge’s decision simply a bitter political decision as many people had suggested?

There will be at very least one member of Belfast City Council that has some decency, who has some morals who will eventually come forward publicly or anonymously and answer these questions yet while these questions are left unanswered Belfast City Council will continue to act and behave in such cruel and despicable manner until we all stand up and demand the truth or the day when they do finally get caught out and one of their very own turns whistle-blower.